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5 Reasons Why Weight Trainers Should Get Wicked With Water!

Approximately 70% of the planet is water. Coincidentally or not, approximately 70% of your body is water too - mixed with a few pounds of chemicals. Water is good for your brain, as it seems to help the thinking process. But physically it is great for you too. It provides moisture for your skin and assists in the passage of food through the body.

Approximately 2 percent of your weight is lost before you start feeling thirsty. Just 2 per cent. Therefore, it is important to drink even when you do not feel thirsty. Your performance in the gym starts going downwards as a result and you will not be able to lift as much. That is how finely balanced your body is. To keep hydrated is the best policy as the body is not very good at recognising when dehydration is taking place. One sign obviously is discoloured urine. Deep yellow is a sign that the body is very dehydrated.

You should drink according to your size some body who weighs 200lbs should drink more than somebody who weighs 120lbs. You should aim to drink eight large cups of water a day. Below are some more tips regarding being in the gym and water:

1. It lubricates your joints, which is especially helpful when lifting weights. Your joints obviously move easier when lubricated. Drinking plenty of water combined with a good fish oil supplement each day helps you to avoid any mobility problems you may have.

2. Water helps muscle definition too. Drinking cold water is excellent for the body. The body warms up the water that you drink and in so doing burns calories and therefore helps to maintain or lose weight. This process happens at any time, so if you are at your desk you can drink water as well as doing this when you are actually working out.

3. You need our beloved H2O when exercising to avoid cramps. Being well hydrated helps you to avoid that painful situation especially when doing repetitive exercises. I have done abdominal crunches before and endured agonising cramps in the abs. However, I have heard that a lack of water, along with lack of potassium is the main culprit. Eating a banana or two during the day as well as drinking plenty of water, will help with that scenario.

4. Our favourite fluid also assists in replenishing lost water through perspiration when working out. This is particularly useful when doing cardio vascular activity.

5. Water should be drunk before your workout routine, during and after. The amount of water in your body helps your electrolyte levels which in turn stimulates the nerves assisting in the muscle building process.

Drinks which are labelled as sport drinks can be useful after a prolonged period of exercise as they replace electrolytes. Generally speaking though, water is the head honcho. Many sports drinks contain sugars, which are not really needed unless you are doing a prolonged period of exercise. Drinking endurance drinks that keep you awake can be dangerous when working out too. They contain high doses of caffeine. Far from hydrating you, they dehydrate you and are not really designed to be consumed in conjunction with working out in the gym. In fact, they could be dangerous to take at the same time.

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